Invited Speakers

<Combining DFT, (S)TEM, dynamical diffraction and EELS>

  • Kenji Tsuda (Tohoku University) “Electrostatic potential analysis of ferroelectrics using convergent-beam electron diffraction”
  • Naoya Shibata (University Tokyo) “Oxide interface characterization by atomic-resolution field imaging STEM”
  • Athanasios  Galanis (Nanomegas) “Structure analysis by TEM precession electron diffraction: model building with different ED data collection strategies”
  • Mark Oxley (Vanderbilt University) “The Influence of dynamical diffraction on STEM-EELS fine structure”
  • Cecile Hebert (EPFL) “Angular resolved low loss EELS of Ag acquired in EFTEM mode”


 <Defects and interfaces>

  • Daniel Caillard (CEMES-CNRS) “An in situ study of dislocation kinetics in Fe and Fe alloys at low temperatures”
  • Maria Valera (Oakridge National Laboratory) “Probing magnetism at high spatial resolution by aberration corrected electron microscopy and spectroscopy”
  • Haruyuki Inui (Kyoto University) “Crystal structure and deformation of long period stacking ordered intermetallic phases in the Mg-Al-Gd systems”
  • Xiaoou Yi (Oxford University) “In-situ transmission electron microscope observations of radiation damage effects in tungsten compared with iron”


 <Real-time observations and simulations>

  • Bryan Reed (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) “Movie mode DTEM”
  • Yifeng Liao (Northwestern University) “In-situ Nanotribology in Full View”
  • Yoshifumi Oshima (Osaka University) “Electrical and mechanical properties of ballistic gold nanocontacts measured by in-situ TEM observation”
  • Sergei Dudarev (UK Atomic Energy Authority) “The fundamental role of electron microscopy in the development of new nuclear materials”